SADO ZORA - s/t demo MC
may 2017.
SADO ZORA is from Skopje, Macedonia and is a new band with people involved in GOLI DECA and TRANSHUNTER. What we have here is their rough demo with 3 songs of defeat, decay and regeneration - all filled with crippled, primitive doom metal riffs, decomposed structures and ugly, septic atmosphere. Moments of transcendence are rarely found here but rather regression towards mental chaos and carnal misery... Initially, this came out as tour-only release which was available at past gigs with COME TO GRIEF, but now we reprinted some small amount of copies for those who missed it.
SEKTE - Doodsrituelen CD
december 2016.
Lunar witchcraft of five grotesque death rituals and unknown invocations, performed by musicians previously involved in various bands and projects from Dutch underground such as FOLTERAAR, BUNKUR, PLANET AIDS, ABYSMAL DARKENING etc. While the concept of SEKTE is sligtly moved away from conventional black metal it also stands beyond just mere experimentalism within the genre. Instead, by it's truly ritualistic, trance-like approach and sonic focus on sinister symbolism, Doodsrituelen gives a stong insight into the claustrophobic darkness, at the edge of acasual Chaos. A real masterpiece of, so-to-say, ceremonial metal.
december 2015.
Monolithic, nauseating psychedelic bastard of violent old school Finnish hardcore and black metal sociopathy. May appeal to fans of KUOLEMA, SORTO and BARATHRUM, while intended to kill a programmed slave person in you.  As the same goes for previous bands and projects of Joel Pekusjeff like MAZE OF ROOTS and CARNUTIAN, this one here again doesn't offer an easy listening release for sure.
MOR - Лутања сакатога беспућима самсаре CD
december 2014.
For years, MOR has been known as one of the best kept secrets of Balkan black metal underground. After long time of devoted making, the new full-length is here and represents not only a strong follow-up to Hram krvi i praznine (Forgotten Wisdom Prod, 2009), but also more mature work which surpassed the predecessor in many ways. Forged in already established style of introvert, monastic black metal of their own, Lutanja sakatoga bespućima samsare ("Wanderings of the Crippled One Through Moors of Samsara") is an amalgam of spiritual nihilism, visions of dystopian despair and curses to mankind; presented from distinctive and deeply individualistic Left Hand Path perspective... May appeal to fans of BLAZE OF PERDITION, MGLA, LUCIFUGUM and early SAMAEL.
(CD comes with 16-pages booklet with lyrics and translations included)
FUNERARY BELL - Horrific TransCosmic Overture/ Live At Tombstone MC
june 2014.
The first deadly toll of FUNERARY BELL was anno 2007 in Jyväskylä, Finland. After a demo, split 10" with BLOOD RED FOG and one MCD release, the vision of their early days peaked on their magnificent debut LP - The Coven. At first being influenced by various acts such as ROOT, DEATH SS, CANDLEMASS and MORTUARY DRAPE, the band now moved further into exploration of cryptic realms. Latest EP Horrific Transcosmic Overture marks a whole new chapter in band's opus and introduce some new elements in their own blend of black/occult metal - which this time came from more bestial and uncontrolled spheres of the esoteric abyss. Originally, the EP was released last year by the band - in DIY tape format with xeroxed covers. This release here is on pro tape and with pro cover and includes the EP (on A-side) and previously unreleased recordings from their first live ritual - Live At Tombstone (on B-side).
(limited to 300 handnumbered copies, pin comes with each tape)
GYPSY WIZARD - Flowers Of Doom MC
december 2013.
GYPSY WIZARD AND THE PROPHETS OF DOOM is a side cabaret of DAŽD, KINOVIA and HAZARDER members and is inspired by cheap dusty horror, oriental shamanism and gypsy folklore. Primitive mix of prog, acid and gothic rock for fans of BLACK WIDOW, COVEN and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, with shizoid twist in the vein of newer MASTER'S HAMMER.
ACOLYTES OF MOROS - Illusions Of Progress EP CD
october 2013.
After a year spent in DIY recording and producition, ACOLYTES OF MOROS finally unleashed their debut EP. Illusions Of Progress is a continuation of the esoteric journey started with Your Fate Is Sealed demo and it gathered even more obscure and bleak forms along the way. Thematically, Acolytes Of Moros explore realities of non-mundane existence, astral archetypes and the unknown, while being focused on more emotional perceptions, rather than usual frames of occultism. Their musical style is rather paradoxical – quite minimalist, yet progressive, so expect 40 minutes of truly hypnotic, hard – yet emotionally vast doom metal.
ANIARA - Caress Of Darkness EP MC
august 2013.
ANIARA is a heavy metal band which started in Olofström under the name OAK and released the demo “Caress Of Darkness” back in March 2012. After the name change, that material got edited, improved and remixed for proper EP release and now comes with a new artwork as well. Aniara follows the steps of classic swedish school of doom and evokes the best moments of GRIFTEGÅRD, COUNT RAVEN and early MEMORY GARDEN, while creating a distinctive mood ranging from cold melancholy to sinister, eerie outbursts. Narrated with powerful and expressive vocals of Witchfinder Ågren (also in PORTRAIT and HANDS OF ORLAC) and backed by challenging cannon-heavy riffs and solos, makes this a must hear for any Initiate of underground doom.
EXORCISED - Reflections Of Horror demo MC
september 2012.
Massive, devastating, horror-themed death/thrash metal. In the strict tradition of the early bands such as POSSESSED, ASPHYX, NIHILIST and Toxic Death era BLOODBATH (ex-YU), but with it's own identity and vision. Absolutely not affected by anything modern and pretentious - only primal and real death metal played with lot of conviction and passion.

(pin and sticker comes with each tape)
DAŽD - Demo Trake EP MC
july 2012.
Filthy, apocalyptic black/thrash in primitive HELLER meets DARKTHRONE manner, with anarcho-punk background. Demo and unreleased tracks from their early, rawer days. Quite different than their current, more psychedelic form.
PROPOVED - Onaj koji niko jeste demo MC
february 2012.
Finally, our first real demo EP is out. Tape release with four tracks of doom/heavy metal in honor to PERGAMENT, CANDLEMASS, BLACK HOLE, MERCYFUL FATE and Monolith era AMEBIX. Material is quite raw and lyrics, which are inspired by darker aspects of Balkan (heretic) mysticism, are sung in our native language (serbian).
(Available for sale or trade. Serious fanzines get in touch and ask for promo copies)